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Over time, different factors can cause a woman’s breasts to droop or sag on the chest, and her nipples to point downward. This can be embarrassing for women who still feel young at heart and yearn for the perkier-looking breasts of her youth. The plastic surgeons at BOD Cosmetic Surgery & Spa can correct the appearance of sagging breasts or breasts that look “deflated” through a procedure called breast lift, also known amongst plastic surgeons as mastopexy.

Breast Lift Surgery at Bod Cosmetic: What Breast Lift Corrects

There are several different causes of breast sagging (a condition called ptosis); the effects of pregnancy/nursing, weight fluctuations and genetics are the most common factors. Also, as a woman ages, her skin cells produce less collagen and elastin, which causes the skin to lose its elasticity and the breasts to sag downward.

Breast lift reverses the effects of aging, gravity, pregnancy, nursing and genetics. It elevates the breast mount to a higher position on the chest, adjusts downward-pointing nipples and restores a more youthful contour to the breast.

Some women choose to combine breast lift with breast augmentation for fuller, shapelier breasts and improved breast position.

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The Breast Lift Consultation

If you are thinking about having breast lift surgery, the BOD team encourages you to schedule an informative consultation. The goal of the consultation is two-fold. First, our surgeons want to determine whether breast lift is suitable for your personal needs and goals. This portion of the consultation will include a physical examination and a discussion of your medical history, needs and ideal cosmetic outcome.

The second goal of the consultation is to educate you about the procedure and discuss what it entails. Our team will explain how to prepare for surgery, what to expect on the day of surgery and what the recovery involves. You are encouraged to ask questions and raise any concerns so we can address them.

Breast Lift Candidacy

Only a plastic surgeon can make the decision whether you are a suitable candidate for breast lift. However, in general, ideal breast lift candidates are women who:

Once it has been established that you are a good candidate for surgery, our surgeons will draw up a treatment plan that explains their approach to surgery. You can schedule your procedure with our surgery coordinators and will receive information about pricing, financing and other logistical matters.

breast lift

The Procedure

Breast lift is performed on an outpatient basis at a local surgery center or in our office. Anesthesia will be administered to prevent you from feeling any pain during surgery.

The surgeon will begin by making the incisions either in an anchor or inverted-T pattern. The incision starts at the bottom edge of the areola, extends vertically down to the crease of the breast and laterally along the breast crease. Through the incision, the surgeon will reshape the breast tissue to form a mound higher on the chest wall. He will also position the nipple/areola higher on the breast. Excess skin will be removed and the remaining skin will be draped more tightly over the newly shaped breast mound. Finally, the surgeon will close the surgical incisions with sutures and place a supportive surgical bra to help the breasts heal.


We will provide comprehensive recovery instructions before you leave the surgery center. Also, our team is always available via phone or email to answer any questions.

You should get as much rest as possible in the days following your breast lift surgery. Your breasts may feel sore, swollen or tender, but these side effects will subside over time. Avoid any bending, lifting or straining until our surgeons advise it is safe to do so. Gentle activity is encouraged when you feel ready.

The BOD team will schedule several post-operative appointments with you to check on your healing progress and remove the sutures. If you have questions or concerns at any point during your recovery, you should call our office.

Everyone recovers at a different pace; there is no reason to rush your body if you don’t feel ready to return to work or your normal routine.

Learn More about Breast Lift

To learn more about breast lift surgery and determine whether it is right for you, please contact our team by calling (305) 774-6151.

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