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Miami Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

If you are one of the many people who are embarrassed by their ears, you can have them corrected by BOD Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. If your ears stick out, are irregularly shaped, or your earlobes need contoured, you can consult with one of our cosmetic surgeons and find out if otoplasty or ear surgery is right for you. Your initial visit is free, and you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision.

You do not have to be an adult to have otoplasty; in fact, if you notice that your child’s ears are misshapen, you may want to consult your cosmetic surgeon before they are older and more affected by taunting. Most cosmetic surgeons will perform ear surgery on children who are at least six years old. Ear surgery in children is often more success than it is in adults. This is due to the cartilage being more pliable.

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How is the procedure done?

Surgical procedures for ear surgery will vary and depend what is being done to the ears. One of the common procedures involves making a small incision behind the ear. This incision exposes the cartilage and allows your cosmetic surgeon to sculpt and shape the cartilage. Once this is done, the cartilage is bent back toward the head and pinned using non-removable stitches. If your surgeon determines that your ear fold needs enhanced to have a natural fold, a larger piece of cartilage may be removed at the end of the procedure.

Your cosmetic surgeon may decide that the best option for you is to remove skin instead of cartilage. In this procedure, a small incision is made on the back part of your ear. The doctor will remove skin and then fold the cartilage back on itself. This fold is secured with stitches. This procedure allows the surgeon to contour and shape your ear without the removing any cartilage.

During your consultation, you and your cosmetic surgeon will discuss these and other options for your ear surgery and decide on the best course of action.

The Procedure and Recovery

Your cosmetic surgeon will perform the ear surgery using either general anesthesia or an intravenous sedative; however, both options are typically performed as an outpatient. This means that you can go home after the anesthesia wears off. If your child is the patient, the doctor may want to keep him in the hospital overnight in some cases.

The surgery may take two to three hours, depending on the extent of the operation and whether or not any other cosmetic procedures are scheduled at the same time. When complete, the cosmetic surgeon will apply a head dressing, and you will go to the recovery room until fully awake.

You may experience some pain and possibly headaches for the first few days; however, your doctor will prescribe medications to help relieve this pain. Patients often report a feeling of tightness. This will also go away in a few days.  If you have a drainage tube in your ear, you will need to return to your doctor in a day or two so that it can be removed.

Your cosmetic surgeon will make your appointment to remove the bandages three to five days after surgery. Once the bandages are removed, you will have to wear a thinner dressing on the ears. There is no specific time that you will have to wear this; it will depend on how fast you heal. Your surgeon will advise you on how long to wear it and when you can return to work. If you do not have dissolvable stitches, your surgeon will tell you when to come back for removal.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you what to expect after the bandages are removed. Your ears may be bruised and swollen. This is normal and will heal in a week or two. You may not see an immediate change in your ears; however, as your body heals, you will notice the change.

BOD Cosmetic Surgery in Miami offers free consultations to explain how ear surgery can give you more self-confidence and improve your overall appearance. Schedule your appointment today and undergo a BOD transformational experience that will improve your self-image with a brand new look.

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